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About Daisy Nicole

Daisy Nicole, Originally known for her "Money Wall" creation. Starting out as a graffiti artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She began her journey as an artist at the age of 12 years old but took the leap and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her art career. She then became the original creator of the money wall and dropped out of college.

She has created pieces for clients such as world champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Shooting Guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, Malik Monk and rapper King Lil G. She believes in making artwork thats motivates and inspires others to chase their dreams and work harder.

She believes art is the expression of ones inner talents in physical/visual form. The money walls are a portrayal of success for any business/brand that purchases one. Each piece is hand crafted in LA to your specifications and perfected to meet your needs. In our time in business, money walls have been created for huge organizations.

The best way to reach Daisy is via instagram @Daisyncole.

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